Feb 20
20 Feb

5 Things The Employee Benefits World Taught Us This Week – February 20th

 Feb 20

Each Friday we list 5 of the main employee benefits stories of the week on this blog. With all the stories in just the one place, HR Managers only have to check out this one place for all their employee benefits news.


1. 10% of workers will share £23 billion bonus chest

Research by has found out that this quarter there will be a £23 billion bonus packet split between 10% of workers. It was also found out that more men than women expect a bonus this quarter – 32% versus 24% of women.


2. We found out the most popular Google search terms on pensions

Jelf Employee Benefits has carried out research into the most popular search terms on Google regarding pensions in 2014. The most popular term was “state pension”, while “pensions calculator” and “pensions credit” came 2nd and 3rd. “Auto Enrolment” was another popular search term in 2014, coming into the top ten search terms in 9th.


3. Two thirds of employees don’t know what colleagues earn

65% of employees do not know what their colleagues earn it was revealed this week. A survey of 1,068 workers also found that 42% of workers would be comfortable enough sharing what they earn with their colleagues.


4. Now parents are benefiting from employee benefits

JP Morgan has taken the interesting decision to extend many of the benefits in its flexible benefits scheme to their employees’ parents. Their homecare scheme which has been going for staff for two years, but will now be extended to their parents as well with no upper age limit.


5. Two thirds of employees expect a 2% pay rise this year

69% of private sector employees are planning for a pay rise of at least 2% in 2015. This comes after 39% of employees had their pay frozen in 2014. Last year, 40% received the pay rise of 2% or more that 69% of staff are predicting for 2015.


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