04 Oct

DAM introduces new digital employee benefits platform

Helping you to create an employee benefits programme that meets the individual needs of your teams is our goal at DAM.  Otherwise nobody's happy... which is why we introduced a brand new digital platform last month, allowing our clients to access their benefits package online - anywhere, anytime.

Through simply paying a small fee per staff member each month, employers are now able to provide staff with to the details of their employee benefits package, with the swipe and tap of a finger.

We know that every generation is different and more employees want instant and easy access to all of their details, choices and information to help them make the right decisions about shaping their benefits programme.  

And things change too for employees of course.  What seemed like a great idea last year now seems like an outdated choice.  Priorities shift as life changes and it's great for employees to feel that they're in control of what works for them, and what doesn't.

Offering employers and employees the opportunity to access personal information such as their pay, holidays, absenteeism and pensions, this new portal helps to improve benefits communication, streamline scheme administration and cut HR cost and time. Indeed, through offering this all-in-one system, this has provided our team the opportunity to deliver end-to-end solutions for companies, allowing clients the chance to develop a culture where employees feel empowered by their own choices and a little bit more closely bonded to the company they work for.

If you'd like to find out more about the new platform and for any questions about reviewing or building an employee benefits programme to recruit and retain the very best people in the hospitality and leisure industry, give us a call.

We've been experts in delivering employee benefits programmes to some of the biggest names in the hospitality world for over 10 years.

We know our stuff.

We truly give a DAM!

Give us a call and we'll give a DAM about you too.


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