20 Sep

Do you offer your staff volunterring opportunities? If not, here's why you should

Offering volunteering opportunities via the workplace is nothing new. But in more recent years, this employee benefit has swiftly moved from the ‘nice to do’ to the ‘must do’ box as more and more employees now, not only want, but expect, their employers to provide workplace environments that offer this type of benefit.  Recent research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has found that 82% of millennial (those born around 1981-1996) would choose to be employed by a company that has been recognised for its ethics whilst research by business network group i4cp found that 93% of Generation Z jobseekers would be influenced by a company’s impact on society in their decision to work there.

 Yet according to research by employee experience organisation Perkbox, more than three-fifths (63%) of UK employees do not receive any paid days off from their employer in order to volunteer. 

And with already limited personal time, those in full-time positions are currently required to fit volunteering into their evenings and weekends, causing them to juggle commitments.

According to Chieu Can, co-found of Perk Box: “by allowing employees to give back to the wider community and the charitable causes that matter to them most, it can fulfil an important sense of purpose and allow people to use their skills in a different way from their day-to-day work, in turn, contributing to overall employee happiness. Organisations must look past their own goals to identify the needs of society as a whole, as those employees who want to help have a real chance to make a change.”

 As a relatively small company, we have been faced with challenges when it comes to volunteering opportunities for staff. Most notably the shortage of staff that would be available to ‘keep the fort down’ if employees were to be given days off to volunteer. However, instead of letting this deter us from our volunteering responsibilities, we seen this as an opportunity to find a charity that we, as a company, could collectively support - and selected Calum’s Cabin – a charity that provide holiday homes on the Isle of Bute for children suffering from cancer or a cancer related disease.

Over the past few months, we have arranged for small teams from DAM to travel across to Bute to spend the day volunteering for Calum’s Cabin - helping to clean and prepare the homes before each new family arrive. With each one impeccably styled, cleaned and organised to a 5-star standard, it’s very clear just how much Calums Cabin want to provide a sense of comfort, cosiness, and luxury for the families that stay there each week. And with scrap books filled with reviews and photographs from previous families, proclaiming their love for Calum’s Cabin, and its ‘home away from home’ feel - we’re thankful that we get to play a small role in this charity, and look forward to continue to offer more support for Calum's family in the future.


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