Pac Man
26 Jan

Employee Benefits and the Call of Duty…

Whoever would have thought that the latest ‘thing’ in employee benefits would be gaming..?

Or, to give it its (technically correct) title – gamification.

Actually, when you think of it, life has now been gamified. So much of what we do is with a swipe of a finger and the press of a button. It’s how we consume information, learn, speak to one another, listen to music, manage our finances so it would make absolute sense that HR folks are literally ‘tapping’ into technology to bring their employees into the fold when it comes to learning and engaging with employee benefits packages.

One of the things you are guaranteed to almost NEVER hear anybody say is this:

“It’s just another app”

Because it never is…

Nothing is just another app. What ‘it’ is, for us, is a glimpse of another even more technologically advanced means of making our lives easier to manage and live. Another new bright, colourful square with a squiggly logo which we’ll happily download and add to our busy little screens for £0.69 (or more) and we will go on to swear you can’t live without it. Like WhatsApp. Or your online banking app. Or LinkedIn. Or Instagram. Or wherever your geeky desires may take you online. 

We’re so attuned to digital consumption now that it almost feels a challenge to consume our information in any other way. Printed leaflets… Presentations… Webinars… A brochure..! Yes – there are many means available to us but somehow, there’s nothing quite like getting cosy with your iPhone and catching up on whatever. Even if it’s work related. It’s just…more comfortable to consume via the power of the app in your own time. On the train, bus, traffic jam, bath, park bench, queue, bed, beach, out for dinner with someone very very dull.

Everything else just seems a bit…old fashioned.

This is just how we roll now.

Which is why it would seem an excellent idea to launch something which combines internal communications, employee benefits and rewards all in one little colourful square. A place for everything, everything in its place.

If we’d thought of that, we wouldn’t be employee benefits consultants anymore. We’d be the people lying on the beach flicking through various apps, managing our millions at the touch of the button. But we didn’t think of that. (darn…)

We do however think it’s a brilliant idea and one which we’re chatting about enthusiastically with all of our current clients. They’re quite excited about it too. We’ve had a lot of ‘When?” We’re doing a lot of “Really soon…”

Gamification is the latest buzzword in the workplace and it’s one you’re going to be hearing a lot more of this year. It’s officially ‘on trend’. As with all new technology and ‘trends’, there comes a tipping point where you’re no longer the ‘early adopter’ ie the trailblazer out there in front doing all the cool stuff before anyone else has even realised it exists. Before you become one of the ‘late majority’.

There is however somewhere in between. It’s called the ‘early majority’ and it’s pretty much where we are with clients right now in relation to introducing new technology solutions to managing employee benefits. We’re not trailblazing until we’re absolutely sure we’re on the right trail. A trail that won’t end with a long fall over a crevice… 

HR and Finance teams want something new to support them in communicating their employee benefits programmes, educating staff on financial benefits and engaging and motivating staff to ‘get with the programme’ and take advantage of everything available to them (or even know what’s available to them!)

Gamification is just a new way of describing how we use technology in a non-gaming setting to engage, educate, share and learn. It’s about organisations adopting the principles from marketing, communications and social media to bring their teams closer to them and keep them there.

It’s not the future. It’s the present. We’re there already.

We’re bringing you with us. 

Really soon…

The DAM Team



Pac Man

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