07 Nov

Top Of The Pensions


In our Managing Director Russell Davidson’s short time on Twitter, he has already been climbing the rankings of social media pension personalities, reaching the dizzying heights (for him at least) of 65 in theRight Retirement Pension's Social Media 100 - think 'Top Of The Pops' but for pensions.

Here he gives his view on the Twitter pensions landscape and his role within it.


I think Twitter is a fantastic tool and having been on the social network since this summer I have seen just how prominently the pensions and employee benefits industries feature on the network. There is a massive pensions community on Twitter, with discussion on all sorts of topics, from workplace and corporate pensions to the new pension reforms and from auto enrolment advice to the state of retirement planning.

I have certainly enjoyed joining in and contributing my thoughts on the pensions industry. It’s been fantastic to see the articles that those I follow are sharing and just as rewarding to be able to share the pension articles that I have found so that more users can benefit from that information.

Since establishing our employee benefits blog, I have also been able to share our latest blog articles discussing the pensions industry’s latest news. The response to these blog posts has been brilliant, especially to the articles on auto enrolment pensions - a topic which is of great interest at the moment.

I have enjoyed chatting to directors and employees of other employee benefit companies and the discussion is always friendly, even when you might expect more competition between competing benefit consultants.

Here at DAM we even used Twitter to get in touch with experts in the corporate pensions industry to compile our very well-received blog post on 20 tips for retiring with a great pension. The response from the pensions community on Twitter was fantastic as 20 of the most influential Twitter users (who also feature in the top 100) were more than happy to contribute a quick tip and the end result was a great resource for all in the UK retirement advice industry to benefit from.

I feel I am only getting started in the Twitter-sphere and have a lot more to learn from and a lot more to contribute to the network.

Rising up the rankings would certainly be nice, but more important than any rankings are the relationships to be made out there on Twitter with those interested in the employee benefits industry!


Photo credit goes to Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

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