Knowing you have a happy workforce is a DAM good feeling.

Reseach has shown time and again that a happy workforce improves business performance, which is why a well considered and effective employee benefits package can increase profitability. We are employee benefits experts and will design a benefits package perfect for your business and your people.

How can DAM employee benefits make my company better?

At DAM we truly believe that employee benefits can impact on staff contentment and, with over a decade in corporate benefits consulting, we know how to design an employee benefits package that both employers and employees will appreciate and benefit from.

Research demonstrates that when employees value their benefits package they are more committed to the company and performance improves while staff turnover falls.

Whether a company’s workforce is youthful, nearing retirement or somewhere in between, there is a place for  employee benefit schemes. Our experience in providing employee benefits for a diverse range of clients has helped us understand the subtle differences in workforces across sectors and we’ve learned which kinds of employee benefits work for each type of workforce. We will use this experience to determine what type of employee benefits package best complements your company and personnel.

The DAM advice service commences with a free initial consultation where we get under the skin of a company and construct a tailored package that dovetails company budgets with staff contentment.

So you’ll enjoy the benefits of a valued workforce, without upsetting the financial director.

The proof is in the practice...

Click here to find out the ways in which our employee benefits advice helped to lower Malmaison attrition rates to 25%- half  that of the hospitality industry average- allowing the company to save £24,000 in recruitment costs.

Will my staff actually appreciate their employee benefits?

The fear for many employers in implementing an employee benefits scheme is that it won’t be used and that the investment in staff welfare will be wasted. DAM addresses this issue by offering an employee benefits communication advisory service as part of any scheme’s implementation to ensure workers use their employee benefits.

To launch an employee benefits scheme and not have the staff be fully aware of how it works or of the company’s generosity is a massive waste. Not only would a company be wasting money if staff aren’t making the most of a benefits scheme, but the overriding goal of an employee benefits scheme – to keep staff happy and committed to the company – would not be met.

The advantages of giving employees advice on their employee benefits are huge and we believe that this should be an essential part of any employee benefits process.

While some employee benefits are easy to work out on their own, others require a little more explanation in order to be used the way they should be. DAM can help individual employees as well as offering tried and tested communication materials which explain each of the employee benefits - from flexible benefits to pensions – in a way that all staff will understand. Uniquely, at DAM we also offer regular employee presentations at client worksite locations which are very popular with staff and employers alike.

Our bespoke employee benefits communications can be that final piece of the puzzle that allows your benefits scheme to be a great success.

There’s nothing worse than an employee benefits scheme that staff don’t understand or use. So if you want your staff to give a DAM about their employee benefits, then let us help you do that!

What employee benefits can DAM provide?

There are a number of employee benefits services which DAM offers as a benefits consultant- each of which can be tailored and personalised to suit your company. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach from DAM when it comes to your employee benefits advice.

DAM offers flexible benefits to companies looking for – you guessed it – flexibility in their approach to employee benefits. With flexible benefits, staff have the opportunity to select the employee benefits that they want, leading to increased numbers of employees actually using their company’s benefits scheme- research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) found that 85% of workers rate flexible employee benefits as either 'very important' or 'important' which we believe is

In particular as a result of our ageing population, with millenials, generation X and baby boomers all possessing unique viewpoints and needs- we believe it is ever more essential for businesses to develop offer a wide range of benefits to more closely meet individual employees needs. Wellness programs for example are likely to appeal younger workers whilst millenials are conscious of their health and are interested in programs that help them manage their well-being and make healthier choices.

 As well as the packages that we organise for you, we also offer our clients access to external benefits programmes which remain exclusive to other companies. The relationships we’ve built in all the years we’ve been an employee benefits consultant allow us to give our clients the best employee benefits available at competitive prices.


Starting to see how employee benefits will improve your company?

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