Our experience in providing employee benefits for a diverse range of clients has helped us understand the subtle differences in workforces across sectors and we’ve learned which kinds of employee benefits work for each type of workforce. We will use this experience to determine what type of employee benefits package best complements your company and personnel. 

Why would I need a review of my company's employee benefits? /how can DAM employee benefits make my company feel better?

At DAM, we consult with employers to make sure that their employee benefits programme is being utilised to maximum effect. We pinpoint any areas for improvement in the current employee benefits scheme and recommend exactly how to make the correct adjustments to get a better or cheaper – or usually both – employee benefits programme

With over a decade in corporate benefits consulting, we know how to design an employee benefits package that both employers and employees will appreciate and benefit from, while ensuring that the employee benefits and cover in place is still relevant and competitively priced.


Is the employee benefits review process costly?

No, our review of your employee benefits isn’t costly as no fee is charged for an initial meeting with DAM - we want you to be able to review your employee benefits without feeling tied into any sort of contract

Depending on the results of the review, we’ll advise you on which of our employee benefits services may be appropriate.  

Should you take up any of the services, we’ll discuss with you the most suitable arrangements for any employee benefits fees and come to an agreement which suits both parties.

Will there be a need for complete overhaul?

For some companies we have found that their employee benefits programme requires a complete revamp. However, for some companies the employee benefits review will bring up a few areas needing adjustment in order to be more effective.

Often, many companies already have an optimal employee benefits strategy in place, and simply need advised on how to better communicate it. As a result of our ageing population and increasingly multi-generational workplace, this may mean a greater focus on how to communicate these in the most effective way to all 4 generations- and that's exactly what we're here for.

We even see international employers looking to harmonise their employee benefits in each country to achieve a company-wide standard. DAM can provide the solutions and discounts to enable that. The first step, though, is reviewing those benefits so that your decision can be an informed one.

It’s unlikely that your report will be highly critical of your current employee benefits programme...That’s DAM well worth doing!

What employee benefits can DAM provide?

There are a number of employee benefits services which DAM offers as a benefits consultant- each of which can be tailored and personalised to suit your company.
DAM offers flexible benefits to companies which offer staff the opportunity to select the employee benefits that they want.

DAM provide employee benefits such as:

  • Corporate pensions
  • Retirement advice
  • Group risk
  • Workplace financial education 
  • Work place mortgage advice sessions 

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