Taking care of your tomorrow.

Employee benefits worth
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From Corporate Pensions and Group Risk Schemes to Financial Education Sessions, at DAM we collaborate with our clients, and their staff, to design and implement a range of financial benefits that will meet their unique business requirements and keep their staff engaged.


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Taking care of your tomorrow.

A mere few years ago, who in the hotel or hospitality industry would have foreseen the instability cast on the sector?  The pandemic and other recent events has undeniably caused staff shortages, from reception to kitchen through to housekeeping, and this in turn has driven up salaries and seen staff go to the employers with the highest offering.

So employee rewards have never been a more valuable tool in recruiting and retaining staff.

Offering skilled staff the best in employee benefits will help insulate them financially from the uncertainties of the world today. There has never been a more pivotal time to bring employee benefits to the forefront of your offering and to engender loyalty and trust within the workforce. Employees are the future of any business, so let’s take care of your tomorrow. This is where DAM can help.


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Our yesterdays and
our tomorrows.

Formed in 2003, Davidson Asset Management [DAM] has grown to become a recognised UK specialist in delivering meaningful employee benefits, mainly, but not exclusively, to the UK hospitality and leisure sectors. Our client centric approach has been key to our success and will remain the bedrock of our growth going forward.

Based in London, Glasgow and Manchester, we work with some of the most distinguished names in the hospitality sector and have over 20 years experience building employee reward programmes that aid staff retention and help build some of the best teams in the industry.


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DAM Research Report 2022

How yesterday impacted tomorrow: A look at how Covid-19 impacted the hospitality industry and employee benefits

To stay up-to-date with the latest trends in employee benefits and facilitate the right kind of rewards package for our clients, DAM conduct research into the industry every two years. 

It's no secret the hospitality industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic- our latest research report explores in more depth the impact Covid-19 had on the industry and how that has influecned the outlook of the employee benefits package. 


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DAM good podcast

The DAM good podcast is hospitality’s one stop shop for all things employee benefits and financial education related. Our qualified financial advisor and host, Alex, is joined each episode by an industry leader- each with experience in differing fields of hospitality- to discuss the big q's surrounding the 3 R’s; recruitment, retention and reward and how employee benefits can play an important part.

The hospitality industry has had its fair share of challenges as of late, with Brexit, Covid and now the cost of living crisis having an impact on staffing levels and employee wellbeing. As employee benefits specialist, at DAM we collaborate with our clients, and their staff, to design and implement a range of financial benefits that will meet their unique business needs and keep their staff engaged. The DAM good podcast looks to dive further into the challenges facing the hospitality industry and explore potential solutions as to how we move forward and take care of tomorrow.