02 Sep

20 Tips From 20 HR Experts - How To Retain Your Staff


For human resources departments across the globe, retaining talented staff is a massive priority and the issue of staff turnover is especially important in the hospitality and retail industries with which DAM works the most. So we decided to find out how to retain staff by asking the experts.

We asked 20 human resources experts for their short tips on how to keep staff and their answers were even more insightful than we could have hoped for and are here for you below!

“Listen to employees and show that you have heard what they have to say. Regardless of what your ultimate reaction is, if they have feel they have been taken seriously and treated fairly they will be for, and not against, you.”

Debi O’Donovan, Editor of Employee Benefits Magazine, @DebiODonovan


“Treat your staff as if you were the employer/manager of your own children; value, trust them and manage them by praise not fault-finding.”

Cary Cooper, Professor of Organizational Psychology & Health at Lancaster University, @profcarycooper


"I saw some research on employee perks that showed 70% think having high quality coffee in the workplace would help to make them feel more valued. Retaining talent will require a bit more than hiring an office barista though - you need to create an environment and culture in which employees feel valued, respected and trusted."

Mervyn Dinnen, Social Recruitment Strategist and Blogger, @mervyndinnen


“Trusting their integrity, giving them the right tools to work with, delegating and making them accountable. (Most employees want to be treated as adults and not micromanaged).”

 Bina Briggs, Director of Plain Talking HR, @plaintalkinghr


“People need to feel recognised and appreciated for what they do, so a well thought out programme of rewards and benefits can really help, but it must be meaningful and tailored to individuals.”

Kay Heald, Founder of Kay Heald HR, @kayhealdhr


“Recruit the right people. We recruit for attitude and train for skills. If you bring in employees whose personal style closely reflects your work culture, philosophy and values, then develop them, they’ll be happy and stay.”

Kate Russell, Managing Director of Russell HR Consulting, @katerussellhr


“My mantra is simple and it works! ‘Engage your employee’s head, hands and heart.’ ” 

Nicola Barber, HR Manager at Kilwaughter, @hrswitchon


“Regardless of sector or industry, relationships are key to retention. If an individual enjoys the company of those they have to spend the majority of their week with – both peers and managers – they will stay. It is a lot easier to be patient about things like career progression when you enjoy the company of your colleagues.”

Calum Di Lieto, Editor & Head of Content at HR Grapevine, @calumdilieto


“Keep them happy. Happy employees are better at their job and want to carry on working there - do this through regular updates, honest conversations and an openness to listen.”

Laurence Hebberd, Editor of Undercover Recruiter, @laurencehebberd


“In my experience the difference that makes the difference is consistency. Be tough, be light, be funny, be serious…. It does not matter, as long as your people can understand where you are coming from. Inconsistency breads fear, consistency builds a level of trust.”

Mike Morrison, Founder of RapidBI, @rapidbi


“No one wants to leave a place where they feel value, so get strong managers that can lead: not only it will inspire employees but it will also develop an organisation culture where people can thrive in.”

Gaelle Ciriego, Managing Director of Ipso Facto, @gaelleciriego


“Let your employees know you appreciate them. Recognize them all the time and in any way you can. An employee that feels truly valued is a loyal employee.”

Rory Trotter, Founder of Something Different HR@roryctrotterjr


“I'd say that if organisations stopped looking at jobs and look more at work needed to be done, we could realign people, their skills, their ideas and their collaborative wisdom/efforts that could deliver more for the customers, themselves and the purpose of their organisation. Set people at work free and stop trying to box it in.”

Perry Timms, Founder of PTHR, @perrytimms


“Make them feel wanted, but not indulged. Valued but not spoiled. Challenged but not neglected.”

Neil Morrison, HR blogger for Change-Effect, @neilmorrison


“The key to retaining employees is knowing what makes them tick, what motivates them and what they value. The importance of saying thank you, spending time communicating face-to-face and genuinely appreciating their efforts cannot be underestimated - it can have an extraordinarily positive impact.”

Rachel Miller, Founder of All Things IC, @allthingsic


“Each year we carry out research on employee engagement and satisfaction amongst the 45,000 users of our Talent Toolbox: Review module and find the same motivators keep cropping up; inspirational leadership at all levels, clear career progression and development, a strong employer brand with shared values and two-way communication.

So if we gave just one tip for retaining your people it would be to review these, with employee input as well, and make a list of things to improve, stop doing or do more of. Then make the actions happen!”

Jo Harley, Director of Purple Cubed, @joharley73


Retention and engagement are never individual interventions. They are continuous imperatives and activities that drive success.”

Giles O’Halloran, HR Blogger, @gilesohalloran


“One way we make sure people are a good fit and will want to stick around is by bringing them on through a contract-to-hire process. We pay our contractors well and if they work out and the team likes them, we'll make a full-time offer after a few weeks. This works well because in addition to evaluating the candidate more fully, it allows the candidate to experience our culture and more properly evaluate us.”

Rob Stevenson, Digital Marketing Manager at Entelo, @entelo


“Ensure that employees feel a real connection to what the organisation is trying to achieve."

Helen Tracey, Founder of HR Potential, @hrpotential 


“If you have a competitive range of employee benefits, tell your staff about them. And then keep telling them at regular intervals. It’s amazing how often employers fail actually to communicate the value of their benefits package.”

Craig Gordon, Director of HRBullets, @hrbullets 


We want to give a massive thanks to all 20 of the experts who took the time to share their advice and we hope you found what they had to say useful.

And remember that we post useful HR and employee benefits related content twice a week here on this blog, so we hope you’ll pay us a visit again.

If you have any tips of your own, or want to reveal which was your favourite then please do comment below and we can have a discussion!

Photo credit goes to scott1723

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