17 Oct

40 Human Resources Stars You Should Be Following On Twitter


Since joining Twitter in June this year, I have followed some excellent accounts (as well as some terrible ones!) and want to share my favourite HR accounts that all in the human resources industry would benefit from following.


Twitter is a wonderful tool and a great way to share information, keep yourself updated, search for news within your industry and much more. Working with so many HR departments, I like to keep myself in the Human Resources loop and have used Twitter to follow a whole host of HR-related accounts.

It’s now time to share my favourites with the readers of this Human Resources/Employee Benefits blog and the 40 best ones from my point of view, in no particular order, are below.

Happy following!


1 - @jorgensundberg

Jorgen of Link Humans knows exactly how Twitter works and how to keep his followers entertained while learning at the same time. Like your class with your favourite school teacher, you’ll get excited when his tweets pop up on your timeline.


2 - @KateRussellHR 

Nicknamed the “HR Headmistress”, Kate is an HR pro with expertise in all areas of the industry. From employee wellbeing to employment law, Kate tweets about it all and runs a blog worth checking out too.


3 - @dougshaw1

Tweeting about HR from London, Doug’s account covers all aspects of Human Resources and often has a UK-specific nature.


4 - @PowerHour60

If looking after the staff that you already have working for you is your priority then Sheri Webb is someone you want yourself and your colleagues in HR to be following.


5 - @TheSourceress

If you need to source the best talent to fill a position then the advice of The Sourceress (aka, Katharine Robinson) is worth checking. And luckily she tweets great tips most days!


6 - @socialtalent

Irishman Johnny Campbell is another expert recruiter and if this an area your HR department could benefit from the Johnny’s tweets could start helping you out.


7 - @TimScottHR

Tim is a serial tweeter and although few will catch all of his tweets, the tweets that you do see will probably help you think about HR. Forward-thinking Tim is an HR expert you want to be following.


8 - @neilmorrison

Neil is a top HR pro and blogger and that makes him one of my favourite accounts. As well as being insightful, the man can also make his followers laugh from time to time – an extra reason to be following him.


9 - @HRBullets

Craig Gordon of HR Bullets is an employment law specialist and, therefore, and essential person for HR pros to be following.


10 - @TrishMcFarlane

Trish McFarlane is an American HR pro who co-founded HR Revolution and is also the co-host of HR Happy Hour radio show in the US. So she is certainly a Human Resources enthusiast and tweets almost every day without appearing spammy.


11 - @MervynDinnen

Mervyn is a London-based HR blogger who not only tweets his own content from the Human Resources world, but who also knows who else is writing interesting stuff and he shares it when they do.


12 - @PlainTalkingHR 

There’s no doubting that Bina Briggs is an optimist. A quick look at her Twitter timeline and that much is clear. She’s also an incredibly intelligent HR Consultant and tweets some fascinating information.


13 - @DebiODonovan

As the editor of Employee Benefits Magazine, Debi is well up to date on all the latest news of the employee benefits industry, making her a must follow for HR Managers.


14 - @ProfCaryCooper

Prof Cary Cooper is a professor at Lancaster University in Organizational Psychology and Health. This makes him an HR expert and his expertise is worth adding to your Twitter timeline.


15 - @KayHealdHR

Kay is another HR tweeter from this side of the Atlantic and as a consultant who works specifically with small businesses, her tweets tend to share insight for businesses in this category. This is a must follow account if your business isn’t the size of Coca Cola.


16 - @HRswitchon

Nicola is HR Manager for Kilwaughter and is works in HE each day. Her insight is worth checking out, therefore, as she knows the latest trends and best practices and is always keen to share them.


17 - @RapidBI

Founder of RapidBi Mike Morrison is another HR account I’m glad I follow. From HR blog posts, to HR tips to HR cartoons, Mike is tweeting some great stuff.


18 - @GaelleCiriego

Gaelle founded Ipso Facto, which provides HR services to some massive clients. She still finds the time, however, to update her Twitter following and tweets most days sharing relevant links to the industry.


19 - @RoryCTrotterJr

If there is a good blog post on HR then American Rory Trotter Jr will have found it and tweeted it for you. Rory’s regular stream of tweets links to the trending blog posts of the day and there will always be one which grabs your attention.


20 - @sbrownehr

Another American, this time from Ohio, Steve is another Twitter user who lets his followers know about the latest HR goings-on such as conferences and interesting blog posts.


21 - @AllthingsIC

If communications are your thing and you want to learn more about how to communicate with employees then Rachel Miller’s All Things IC account is one to get following.


22 - @JohnSumser

Want to make the most of the advances in HR technology? Then John is your man and is an expert on all the latest developments in technology for the Human Resources industry.


23 - @JoHarley73

Jo Harley is director of employee engagement specialist Purple Cubed and is, therefore, a fantastic person to be following on Twitter.


24 - @GilesOHalloran

Giles is an HR blogger who knows his stuff. His account is great for not only getting to hear about his views, but he also retweets some HR content you might never have found otherwise.


25 - @kris_dunn

As the founder of HR capitalist, Kris is an HR pro who tweets on all aspects of the discipline. He also shares links to some great podcasts for those who prefer to listen rather than read.


26 - @HRpotential

Helen Tracey describes herself as a “total human resources geek” and while that may well be the case, her followers certainly benefit from it as her timeline is full of fantastic and insightful HR content.


27 - @ChristopherinHR

Christopher Demers is an American HR tweeter whose tweets transcend borders. The tips he shares are top value in any country and worth getting a daily dose of.


28 - @MeghanMBiro

As CEO of Talent Culture, Meghan is worth a follow for the people management side of HR. Her tips help HR pros learn about how to create and look after a winning team.


29 - @JenniferMcClure

Want to know what HR will look like in the future? Then Jennifer McClure is the one for you to follow as a specialist on HR’s future.


30 - @ChinaGorman

Should you be following the CEO of The Great Places To Work Institute? It’s a no-brainer really!


31 - @HrRemix

Melissa Fairman has some great HR ideas and knowledge, especially surrounding recruitment. Give her a follow and you’ll soon benefit.


32 - @RobinSchooling

As well as posting some top HR links, Robin also lets her followers know the best HR hashtags to be using. For anyone who spends a lot of time researching the best hashtags, Robin could be a great follow.


33 - @RealEvilHRLady

Suzanne Lucas isn’t evil despite what her Twitter handle may say. In fact, she’s incredibly helpful tweeting HR advice and answering questions all the way from Switzerland.


34 - @KirstiGrant

This Kiwi is a recruitment specialist to say the least and is the perfect person to follow for advice on finding the best candidates. Kirsti also tweets some pretty hilarious examples of how not to recruit/apply for a job.


35 - @EntryLevelRebel

Jessica Stillman tweets no end of smart tips and useful links. With a firm interest in the idea of a career, Jessica has plenty of interesting takes on the major issues facing those in HR.


36 - @kathleendelara

Responsible for the content on the Entelo recruitment software blog, Kathleen is an expert in tips for recruiting the best staff and shares some great content written by herself and others on her Twitter timeline.


37 - @BelMcIntosh

For HR and employment advice specific to the UK, Belinda is worth following. Always tweeting interesting links, Belinda specifically keeps her followers up-to-date on the UK-specific HR news.


38 - @PRinHR

Kay Phelps is another HR voice tweeting on a wide range of subjects to do with Human Resources. She finds the best UK HR news and makes sure her followers can find it.


39 - @herbertseminars

If you want links on the latest goings-on within the UK employee benefits and pensions industries then Steve Herbert’s account is for you.


40 - @DAMGoodPensions

Well, we couldn’t not put ourselves here on this list as we genuinely do believe this is going to be one of the best accounts on HR thanks to the content on our human resources and employee benefits blog.


Photo credit goes to Johan Larsson

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