16 Oct

5 Simple And Free Ways To Increase Employee Engagement


No HR department will doubt that employee engagement is a vitally important part of a company’s objectives and that an engaged workforce is, all else being equal, a much better and more efficient workforce. But how can you improve employee engagement at no extra cost?


We work with Human Resources Managers day after day here at Davidson Asset Management and we also get the chance to meet staff at all of our clients’ branches when we visit to do our corporate pension reviews. So we are in a fortunate position as we get to see how HR Managers interact with their staff and over the years this has helped us learn of some great ways to engage employees.

It’d be no use keeping these tips to ourselves, however, which is why we’ve taken the opportunity to write a blog post sharing 5 of the ways in which HR departments can increase their engagement with staff at no extra cost.

So here they are!


1. Make promotion realistic

Employees are a lot more likely to feel engaged with a company if they seriously think they will be around for a long time. If an employee thinks he or she will be with a particular company for the next couple of decades then it makes perfect sense that they would want to engage with their employers and fully participate within the workplace.

There is one really simple way to encourage staff to picture themselves at the one company for a long time and that is to make sure that promotion is a realistic possibility for them. If your company always hires externally when there is an opening then your employees who are just beginning their careers will start to think that they will need to look  elsewhere for development opportunities further down the line.

That’s the kind of mentality which can disengage employees and it’s really simple and free to fix. Perhaps whenever there is an opening in your company, you can make a rule which requires at least one internal member of staff to be interviewed for the post.


2. Say thank you

This one is so simple and so free, but is shockingly often forgotten about. A recent poll discussed on Employee Benefits Magazine showed that 20% of staff never receive a thanks from their boss.

That is a huge proportion of a workforce and by simply recognising staff’s efforts a little more, employee engagement can soon soar. The most important thing is to make sure any thanks are genuine and don’t come across as forced. By making it clear what you’re saying thank you for, this will show engagement with your staff’s work and the result can be some engagement back from your staff.


3, Involve employees in some decisions

Obviously most decisions have to made by individuals or specific departments, but there are some things which can be put to a vote. Decisions such as where to have the office Christmas night out and what kind of coffee to buy next month can seriously involve your staff and get them feeling a lot more engaged with the company.

It’s the little day to day things in the office which can really please or annoy an employee so by allowing them to have their say in how certain things in the office run, you’ll suddenly have a much happier workforce.


4. Get the notice board moved

Getting the notice board moved to the kitchen is a priority if you want to improve employee engagement and again this has no cost at all.

So many businesses have a notice board which is situated in an area where employees are never going to go up and read it. Yet there are many important company announcements and policies which go on notice boards and it’s often vital that employees see these. By putting the notice board in the kitchen, the number of employees reading your notice board will soar overnight. That’s simply because when not at their desks, the kitchen is the place employees are most likely to be found and the info on the notice board suddenly becomes reading material for that boring minute’s wait for the kettle to boil or for the microwave to ping.

And if you don’t have a notice board at all then it’s probably time to get one and at least you now know exactly where to put it!


5. By getting social

Social media is so popular that every single one of your employees is probably on at least one social network. While it probably isn’t wise to start friend requesting all your staff, social media can be a great tool for engaging employees and the setting up of private groups is easy and free. You can invite all your staff to join and post the latest information right there in the group.

Every time a member of staff logs on they’ll get a notification that their company group has new information. The more addicted we become to social media, the more effective such groups will become for getting your staff effectively engaged.


Photo credit goes to twingly

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