With tougher mortgage restrictions, increasing affordability checks and ever stretching completion times, securing a mortgage remains one of the most stressful and important investments that most of us ever make...

That said, we’ve been round the houses and we're here to help your staff. From choosing the right mortgage type to actually tackling the application form, we're here to make the process as easy as DAM well possible. With employees now looking to their employer for more imaginative benefits, the Workplace Mortgage Advice sessions could be exactly what they’re looking for. A stress-buster of a benefit that will set the business apart from the herd.

What is the Mortgage Advice Service?


Primarily (although by no means exclusively) for Employees of our Corporate Clients, we provide  advice  to help you through the homebuying/remortgaging process. From simple questions and your initial enquiry, through choosing and applying for the right mortgage, and on to completion of the mortgage, we aim to guide you every step of the way. It’s free to employees of our Corporate Clients, and it’s a predominately telephone/email based service which we find works particularly well for people working all manner of shifts in the Hospitality Industry. Or if you prefer, you could come along to one of our Workplace Mortgage Advice sessions, as described below!

How do DAM’s Workplace Mortgage Advice sessions work and cost?

A mortgage advice workplace session from DAM is held on your very own premises and provides your workforce with the opportunity to receive mortgage advice from one of our expert mortgage consultants. 

The typical mortgage advice session consists of individual “slots” of 30 to 45 minutes in which employees can come along and discuss their needs and any questions they have about getting a mortgage - whether they have a general idea or none at all and whether they plan to get a mortgage in the next year or are merely asking for future reference. Normally, the slots will have been allocated in advance by the local HR team, but we still aim to fit in any employee who arrives on spec. 

Most commonly, the employees who use DAM’s Workplace Mortgage Advice service are potential first-time buyers who simply want to know how the mortgage process in the UK works. 

As for cost, DAM’s Workplace Mortgage Advice sessions are great value for employers since, depending on the company, the cost of a day’s session ranges from £500 to£750. That makes a mortgage advice session held in the workplace a lot more cost-effective than other employee benefits and it is often valued even more.

Afterwards, we will follow up with all of the employees we see by emailing them a summary of their queries along with any requested facts, figures or other resources. Thereafter, we can provide further detailed information on any further enquires an employee has, although there may on occasion be a small fee for this part of the service, depending on the nature of the enquiry.

Should an employee then conclude that they would like to go ahead with applying for a mortgage, we can do that on their behalf should they want us to and we will take the process through to completion. 

What do employers and employees think of the mortgage advice service?

The feedback we receive from both employers and employees alike on our mortgage advice sessions is overwhelmingly positive. 

Employers love the Workplace Mortgage Advice sessions since it is a very easy-to-provide employee benefit that doesn’t break the bank. Employees, on the other hand, are just as content as they receive a very practical employee benefit for a change, one which they can immediately recognise the value of. 

Don’t just take our word for it though! Here’s what some of our previous mortgage advice service clients have said...

One employer who sees the value in the sessions is The Dorchester Collection’s Area Director of Human Resources Sean Wheeler, who said, “I have always found the mortgage service DAM offer to be helpful and efficient. They always manage to take the red tape away and help you through the whole process to make it as stress-free as possible.”

Meanwhile, one employee who loved the mortgage advice we offered in the workplace was Blythswood Square’s Leon Trayling who told us, “Davidson Asset Management, and in particular Jacqui Sweeney, provided us with the best service we have ever received when looking for a mortgage … We can’t thank Jacqui enough and will be going back when it’s time to review our mortgage situation.”

How far in advance must I book one of these Workplace Mortgage Advice sessions?

At DAM we aim to be as flexible as virtually possible when it comes to accommodating mortgage advice sessions in our clients’ workplaces, but a little advance warning is of course necessary.

If you have any particular dates in mind for a mortgage advice session for your business then please do give us a call on 0141 222 2045 or email us at and we will investigate the feasibility of those dates for you right away.

So please get in touch when you're ready to organise a mortgage advice session for your staff

It's easy to get a hold of us, whether by emailing or through one of the options on our Contact page