A Workplace Pension scheme improves staff welfare and greatly enhances loyalty - today, tomorrow and the next day.

DAM has been providing practical workplace pension plans in the UK for over 18 years.

We know that pensions are not always a top priority for staff or top of their reading list, which is why our approach is centred around clarity and simplicity.

A workplace pension scheme improves staff welfare and greatly enhances loyalty - today, tomorrow and the next day. We want to ensure your employees understand what is on offer in a clear and jargon- free format. From selecting the most appropriate provider and investment funds through to delivering internal staff communication strategies, we’ve got it covered.

We will set up ongoing review meetings with scheme members so that our qualified advisors can meet with them on a regular basis and keep them up to date with their pension performance. We will actively encourage their involvement, deliver professional insights and help them take care of their tomorrow.



From our years of experience in the industry, we know that a salary often only encourages employees through the door, it is the benefits on offer to them that make them stay.  A pension could be the deciding factor for choosing one employer or another, which is why having an excellent corporate pension plan provides you with that “employer of choice status. 

Whilst the government has made corporate pensions a requirement via auto enrolment, having your own group scheme in place will not only help your employees better plan for their future, but also help to demonstrate your loyalty and care for your staff.

Having an effective company pension scheme is important for employees, particularly as the ability to rely on the state pension becomes less and less likely for us all.

Our experience in designing and implementing a bespoke and modern corporate pension scheme spans close to two decades, so by now we know exactly what both employers and employees are looking for. From the careful consideration of the pension contribution design and the meticulously thought out investment strategy, through to our thorough administration and personalised communication techniques- our pension service on offer at DAM truly is top of the range.

Whilst you are now required by law to have an auto-enrolment scheme in place, it is important to note that setting the scheme up is not the end of your responsibility as an employer. Your role extends to ensuring you are meeting your legal duties for automatic enrolment. If you don’t comply, you may face enforcement action including compliance notices and penalty notices, so it's important you keep on top of the ongoing compliance.

As well as advising on the most cost-effective way to continue to carry out your auto enrolment duties, we’ll keep you up-to-date with all of the compliance aspects, notifying you which forms need filled out and when, as well as what data must be collected. We’ll also help you with one of the trickiest parts of the auto enrolment journey: communicating any changes with your employees. Quite simply, we’re there whenever you need us. 

We believe it is important to discuss the likely costs with your organisation at the start of our relationship and from there, regularly update your business as the work progresses further.

For corporate clients, as far as possible, we charge a fixed fee for specific tasks which relate to the size of your organisation. Some employers prefer to work on a time cost basis. In these instances, we can provide your business with a detailed breakdown of the costs based on the specific tasks and the time spent completing them.


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