DAM's education sessions deliver the knowledge to understand the subtleties between various financial products and put your staff in control of their future.

Mental health and stress caused by Covid19, lockdowns and financial concerns are a 24/7 strain on some individuals. It’s very important that staff understand the type of benefits they have and what the long term outcome will look like. Particularly in the workplace.

Research by Capita found many employees feel stressed because of their financial situation, with 21% feeling that their financial worries have adversely affected their work. DAM's Workplace Financial Education sessions will help them future proof their finances and put them more in control.

The financial education sessions we deliver provide employees with a grounding on some of the key financial products available to them, in addition to the opportunity to ask questions and gain highly specific information on their personal circumstances.

The inherent sophistication of today’s financial markets and the issues Covid19 brought on the country can feel impenetrable to some people. Your employees are now no longer just choosing between interest rates on two different bank loans or savings plans, but are being offered a variety of complex financial instruments for borrowing and saving, with a large range of options. And whilst people have always been responsible for managing their own finances on a day to day basis, it’s clear that recent developments have made financial education and awareness increasingly important for employee well-being.



The workplace financial education sessions involve one of our qualified Financial advisors attending your business premises to give an overview on a number of key financial matters, from new pension rules and what they mean, the retirement options available for savers and the most important rules associated with each.

Our Financial Advisors will speak face-to-face with any of your employees looking for specific advice and can give a more detailed explanation of each of the topics covered.

Depending on the company and its size, the cost of a DAM Workplace Financial Education session starts at £1000 upwards. For more details regarding costs, contact us at

Financial education in the workplace is becoming more of an expectation than a luxury. Our most recent study at DAM, A 2020 Vision: Looking towards the future of the Employee Benefits Package found that 54.9% of all employees would like to attend financial education sessions if they were available to them.

The introduction of workplace financial education sessions are known to increase engagement amongst staff, ultimately leading to an increase in your businesses bottom line as poor engagement is a leading cause of poor productivity in the workplace.   


Are you beginning to see the importance of educating your staff?

Please contact us to discuss in more detail how our Workplace Financial Education sessions are run and how they can benefit your organisation and staff.


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